My name is Juan Guzmán, I address you as manager of MR Sale and Rental of Accessible Housing.  


I am also the owner of Guzmán Orthopedics as well as secretary of the Interortho company, to which I contribute more than 28 years of professional experience in the sector of accessibility for people with reduced mobility, orthopedics and technical assistance.


I had a traffic accident heading to play a football game over 35 years ago, suffering a paraplegia and being forced to use a wheelchair since then.


This circumstance has not prevented me from dedicating myself professionally to attend and help people with disabilities or with reduced mobility, to be increasingly independent, within the individual possibilities of each affected person, due to a decrease in the activity of their daily life, attending to hundreds of patients in these years.


I have practiced sport since I was a child; football until the accident and wheelchair basketball later. I have participated in more than 10 leagues of division of honor, nationwide, with the Trauma 68 team in Barcelona. With the Spanish National Team of wheelchair basketball, I have participated in a World Cup, two European and the Paralympic Olympics in Seoul 1998, playing more than 60 international matches.


Sport taught me to enjoy competitiveness, collaboration, perseverance, persistence, effort, to learn, to be better every day or at least to try without fainting. All these business, leisure, sports, travel, business, friendship or social activities have helped me to be better every day both personally and professionally.  


I am sure that MR Mobility Reduced will meet the expectations of providing service in real estate, both in the sale of homes and in their rental, renovations and construction of homes, not only to people with reduced mobility or with some type of disability, but to people who do not currently have any problems think long term and preventively keep in mind the accessible home in their future of personal, family and social life.

I thank my clients, patients, collaborators, suppliers, friends, family, coworkers, all the love and daily support.


My commitment is your well-being !!!

Juan Guzmán

Tel 936 552 524

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Vicky Hernández

Tel. 602 251 315

Moreno Cangiotti

Tel. 602 256 615

Do you want to work with us?

María Barrientos, 7 - 08028 BARCELONA

(+34) 936 552 524

María Barrientos, 7 - 08028 BARCELONA

(+34) 936 552 524

María Barrientos, 7 - 08028 BARCELONA

(+34) 936 552 524

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