We try to solve problems in terms of accessibility and adaptation of common community areas or environments with neighbors or owners, through mediation and information to those affected about the current regulations and measures to be taken, before taking legal action.

Preventive expert advice on the real refusal of the community of owners about the elimination of architectural barriers, before legal proceedings.

We attend to family problems, in the hereditary process, wills, preventive powers as well as advance will documents.

We can also intervene in a judicial authorization procedure for the sale of a property by a disabled person.

Of course we advise on the process of buying and selling a property

We also offer another series of legal services such as:

Houses without writing

Judicial incapacitation process

Defend the rights for the removal of architectural barriers

Advice on the advance directive document. Prayers of Last Will

Advice on preventive powers

Self guardianship and appointment of tutors

Management and administration of the assets of the elderly

Annuities. Reverse mortgages. Loans from private investors



María Barrientos, 7 - 08028 BARCELONA

(+34) 936 552 524

María Barrientos, 7 - 08028 BARCELONA

(+34) 936 552 524

María Barrientos, 7 - 08028 BARCELONA

(+34) 936 552 524

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